Monday, November 16, 2015

qualchan ~ pools of light tape available!

two things happened over the weekend... yr boy turned 33, & my latest album, pools of light // pools of shadow came out on magical garage taste, a lovely cassette label out of quebec run by a dreamboat of a human being. i hate being that guy, but i guess if yr into robert turman, dj screw, william basinski, croiners or the dreamdate with boyd rice tape comp / tape loop fuckery, then this would be right up yr alley. chopped&screwed tape loops of exotica, minimal synth, soundtrack, jpop, etc. edition of 35, grab one while ya can!

ps spent most of 2k15 on this, so glad this labor of love will be getting into yr hands!

pps talking about labors of love, my main squeeze old flash strap just put out a beautiful, amazing & mind warping book of his collage work. just pleased as punch that this cat is my friend & of course in perpetual awe at his talents. help a brother out here

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  1. hey, happy birthday man! I wish I still had a (decent) cassette player to buy your tape. wow, flash strap's book looks really nice as well, I'm glad he got it funded

  2. Man, I'm 50 next year..
    Still make music & smoke too much.
    I'll stop when my imagination runs out.
    Your blog is one of those devices that provides me with inspiration. Thank you.
    Can you help me out? Looking for a 320 version of Warlus - Songs. Again, I need to get it. Got a feeling it will kickstart my brain into action and help me make something.