Monday, June 1, 2015

Rufous-bellied lovethrushes

I got a hold on this one for a while but hadn't ripped because I intended to strip off the interviews -- the album belongs to the same collection as this one --, in respect to all non-Portuguese speakers. I even started to crop the tracks until realise it would destroy the purpose and charm of it. What I forgot to tell in the aforementioned Dominguinhos' post is that this collection is from an excellent TV music program on which the artists were recorded and interviewed inside an empty studio. It's kinda odd since you can't actually hear nor see the interviewer. It feels like a late chat on a porch, with a warm spirit to be sipped along (thinking of cachaça, of course).

Cascatinha & Inhana belong to a true Brazilian tradition that is Sertanejo music, which borrows from many Brazilian styles, like baião, forró, as well as Latin American ones, such as bolero and, particularly in this case, the Paraguayan Guarania. The duo practically introduced the Guarania into the genre, making it one of its most distinctive characteristics. It worth mentioning the couple (married 'til the end) sung in impossibly perfect harmony, often regarded as the most beautiful voices in Brazilian popular music. Not that many folks actually remember them nowadays, tho.

pw: spooked


  1. absolutely enchanting meu companheiro. wish we could listen to this together while sharing a cigarette & a whiskey on my porch. one day very soon.

  2. There is indeed a lot of chatter - exquisite songs though. Are there any formal albums out there? Thanx.

    1. there are quite a lot, actually. however, most of them are recollections of original 78rpm recordings or live albums, and probably easier to find on vinyl. I fancy having an original one day, then I'll be sure to rip and post to you.
      here's one in 192kb I found on the web (no chatter, but still a introduction before each song):