Monday, August 25, 2014

DIgital open-sourced gear porn [sponsored – 1 of 2]

Fellas, Jefe granted me permission to write a promoted post about the product my company's been working on -- we're about to start a Kickstarter campaign --, so I'll try to to make it short and sweet. But I assure you it has everything to do with muzak.

The MOD Duo is a digital pedalboard which runs a fined-tuned Linux for audio performance, with top-notch analog audio components as well. And instead of delivering a closed range of effects, our system allows you to install hundreds of different plugins, third-party as well as yours truly ones, from our web-based cloud without any additional cost. The GUI used to configure the effects works in chrome or any webkit-based browser, but you don't need it to gig, naturally.

There are many cool things to explain and say about it but I'll just leave the link here:

And a little introduction video as well:

MOD Duo - KickStarter Teaser from MOD - Musical Operating Devices on Vimeo.

Spread the word to your fellow musicians! Namaste


Friday, August 22, 2014

plain as yr eyes can see.

decided to post this as a response to my comrade's posting of that prefuse 73 jam. i know this is a classique amongst the wastelands, but as flash recently said, blogs are dying left & right & things which could be found easily are becoming harder to find. so why not post this right? rita lee did this as a side project from os mutantes ... imagine of mutantes were a glam band. pretty good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stream of unconsciouness 

I'm not a big Prefuse fan, but from time to time I'd play this when working, driving or too lazy to playlist, such awesome the mixtape is. One of these days, I was at work when, trying to find it in Grooveshark with no success, I noticed how overlooked it was (it was a limited, promo release as well). As the man himself put it, it's "a small sample of what I go home and listen to. More than a traditional mixtape, I preferred to let the introspective side in and share the sounds that I play when I’m cooking dinner, just thinking, or not sitting behind an MPC and various instruments for 12 hours!". Objectively, it's a careful selection of Latin American, Brazilian apocryphal and evangelical gems intertwined with some of his own samples, as I've discovered a couple of awesome things and could easily recognize others. About the ones I couldn't recognize, Prefuse himself stated that he wouldn't release any info on the tracks. Maybe for the best, tho.

pw: spooked

ps. edit:typo;sry

metaphysical live wires.

here are two soundtracks from the impeccable sven libaek. beautifully alluring & evocative.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

pataphysical short circuits.

if you enjoyed my last post about raphael, then yr gonna be psyched. this is much like the latter half of music to disappear in ~ ghostly tribal dream dances heavy on the exotica vibes.

ps the first two minutes are garbage, sit through them & you'll be rewarded. actually, anytime kutira sings it's pretty bad, but thankfully it's pretty minimal & she lets raphael jam on the one.

pps this is the 375th post in the two & a half years that spookcity has been operating. wow, that's kinda crazy to think about. anyway, thanks for coming here amigos!

Thursday, August 7, 2014