Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stream of unconsciouness


I'm not a big Prefuse fan, but from time to time I'd play this when working, driving or too lazy to playlist, such awesome the mixtape is. One of these days, I was at work when, trying to find it in Grooveshark with no success, I noticed how overlooked it was (it was a limited, promo release as well). As the man himself put it, it's "a small sample of what I go home and listen to. More than a traditional mixtape, I preferred to let the introspective side in and share the sounds that I play when I’m cooking dinner, just thinking, or not sitting behind an MPC and various instruments for 12 hours!". Objectively, it's a careful selection of Latin American, Brazilian apocryphal and evangelical gems intertwined with some of his own samples, as I've discovered a couple of awesome things and could easily recognize others. About the ones I couldn't recognize, Prefuse himself stated that he wouldn't release any info on the tracks. Maybe for the best, tho.

pw: spooked

ps. edit:typo;sry


  1. Hi buruno, thanks for this, it looks very interesting. However, I have downloaded three times on an iMac and the decompression fails every time. I have used Chrome and Safari. Any chance of another link please?

  2. Actually, figured a way to access the audio. Thanks again.

    1. glad you've found a way, anon. I use 7zip to compress the files, if someone else reports an issue, I'll try compressing and uploading it again. thanks for the report!