Saturday, September 20, 2014

a head full of kif.

rai meets reggae. dennis bovell played bass & produced if that means anything. not usually my thing, but enjoyable to listen to when i get home & have my head in the clouds. i don't think i've seen this anywhere else. enjoy.

ps cover looks like that, it's pretty fucking great. also, sorry for all of my shares before which were shitty m4a 256 rips. thanks to flash//max everything is coming in vivid 320 from now on.

pps i have a few more coming up for you which are hidden gems. after that, i think i'll be taking a break for a while. until then, forever forward.

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  1. Cheb Hamadi? My wife (she's Algerian) will be quite pleased, as my mother-in-law. Nice. Alright if I put your link on my blog (tingtongdread) ? Just started, drop by. Peace Chris.