Wednesday, July 30, 2014

like herod.

this is absolutely fantastique... francesco de masi is straight killing it on this one, with alessandro alessandroni laying down some ridiculously siqq sitar parts. from 66, a fucking classique of soundtrack/library gems&jams. sorry for the ugly cover, it's the reissue, so this is a 320 rip of a cd i recently bought. enjoy amigos!


  1. greetings from the land of fire. so sweet to see this here. esp dig the evocative bouncy flute exotica of L'Infinito Orizzonte Dei Mari e Delle Terre (the infinite horizon of sea + land) here titled Quando le terre ed i marsi si incontrano fer some strange reason. dank nugs

  2. o hai dere! hope yr enjoying yr travels amigo. i'm also in love with this record. as for the wonky title, i just used the back for them. sorry fer the confusion. see you around buddy!

  3. Thanks for posting this album. I love your site - some really interesting music. Thanks, again!