Sunday, June 15, 2014

a gift.

so it's taken me a while to post this gem of the hidden temple for a myriad of reasons. mainly as to the confusion surrounding this guy on my part. there is very very little about him other than a couple of you/ethiotube videos, where they list him as wasse kassa, but on the cd & one other place (which is also a mention of this cd in some radio playlist) they have him listed as wase kasa. finally i decided to just keep it the same as the artwork. if you'd like to change it after you download it, i don't fucking care. just download this. yr going to thank me, you really will. more in line with the modern ethiopian sound of joyous casio keyboard lines on top of drum machine beats. he also has a beautiful voice, & the songs are instantly memorable. i'm 99.9% certain that you can't download this anywhere else in the wastelands, so enjoy amigos.

tl;dr jammin' ethiopian shit from the nineties that is rare rare rare.

ps not a shitty scan of cover on my part. that is just how the cover looks.


  1. Sounds great man! Thank you so much for sharing


  2. really glad you enjoyed it! it's a great great album.

  3. Thanks for this one. Just now discovered your blog via Exystence. Holy shit, you post so much good stuff. I wish the older links wasn't deleted but that's the way the milk crumbles...

  4. @flash: indeed buddy!

    @anonymous: yr welcome. i might maybe have a few of the older ones saved, but as i'm not on this very often anymore, the likelihood is not the best amigo. hope you keep coming back!