Saturday, February 8, 2014

listen to me on dandelion radio!

a couple of things boss.

1) ron geesin's electrosound is a fantastic library voyage through musique concrète cues. dip yr toes in.

2) the inimitable, phenomenal & all around dream boat mark whitby over at unwashed territories is also a dj at dandelion radio. he is playing side a from my newest tape, which you can stream here . i'm pretty sure his show plays a few times a week, go there & support good dudes playing independent music! you can download my latest here. thanks!

ps recently saw a documentary on jobriath. what a sad fucked up story. if you haven't heard this genius' work before, do yrself the favor & get hip to his shit. yr life will be better for it.


  1. nice, man! on the airwaves like a soundsurfin bird

  2. i am that fabled seabird of the alessi's amigo! ;)

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