Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

bang yer head.

another one of those records i avoided like the plague because of that dreaded i word. harsh as fuck power electronics, kinda. if you like abrasive jams that transport you to transcendental head spaces that only ichazo & lilly have visited, this record is for you.

look for me at the bottom of the sea.

my favorite coil record. don't be fooled by all of those shitty fat goths who listen to icp & claim coil is an industrial band. that's like saying ahmad zahir is a black metal band. this album will literally fucking crush you. chew up a bunch of morning glory seeds & jam on the one.

for the owl wherever he may be lurking.

i thought y'all might dig on this shit. pretty easy going sunday music perfect for yr up and coming producer of shitty hip hop beats.

i am the gunslinger.

one of my absolute favorite acid mothers record. smoke weed errday.

Friday, January 11, 2013

a short missive.

it seems as if i haven't been on here in forever. with the filesharing services shutting down multiple accounts from various compatriots in arms it seems as if music blogging is a fool's errand. perhaps we can take it underground, beyond this & & waffles & whatever other ephemeral nonsense people use to share our life blood. i am going to post everything in my mediafire accounts & then ride off into the sunset for a brief sabbatical while i lick my wounds & strategize a new plan to storm heaven.