Friday, January 11, 2013

a short missive.

it seems as if i haven't been on here in forever. with the filesharing services shutting down multiple accounts from various compatriots in arms it seems as if music blogging is a fool's errand. perhaps we can take it underground, beyond this & & waffles & whatever other ephemeral nonsense people use to share our life blood. i am going to post everything in my mediafire accounts & then ride off into the sunset for a brief sabbatical while i lick my wounds & strategize a new plan to storm heaven.


  1. Don't blame you for stepping back to reassess. There's been plenty of heartbreak in Blog City lately. I have noticed that bloggers using the Zippyshare file host have been left pretty much alone. If you choose to ramp back up, I would recommend going with Zippy. Cheers.

  2. Yeah zippy has been a decent fellow to us all-- so far.

    Anyway hoss, don't sound the funeral bell for doggs with blogs just yet

    Let me know when you're ready at heaven's gates and I'll sharpen my machetes

  3. I thought about attempting to form a collective which downloaded all albums from a select number of blogs. Perhaps a program or script could be created to automatically perform this action. These individuals could then be responsible for uploading these albums to accounts to various different file hosts such as Google Drive etc. as private uploads. As long as the url to these files is not shared, these files would be safe, and could later be trasferred to a different host, such as zippyshare, rapidshare etc. for the purpose of being shared with the public. This way if a major blog such as Holy Warbles ever went down in the future, all of the albums from that particular blog would be stored in a safe place by several different people on several different accounts. If anyone is interested in starting such a collective with me, please contact me at