Monday, December 16, 2013

The great age of democracy (a christmas carol)

I've been searching for this album for ages, and only today I finally decided to buy it -- it took quite a while for me to have a international credit card. And, boy, did I feel like a happy college student.

While mostly (totally) associated with that 90's thing called trip-hop, Bristol had its share of indie bands with the likes of You & the Atom Bomb*. And until today it's difficult to find a band that produced such quirky and adorable sounds, paced with unexpected time signatures, while maintaining its high share of glucose.

I have no idea of the whereabouts of the band, which is a shame. I figure if they first appeared a couple of years ago, when Bandcamp and other alternative mediums of distributing music were finally reliable, they would be all over the place (you can still buy their EPs trough Sink and Stove records).

pw: spooked

*BONUS: an assortment of Christmas songs composed and played by Bristol bands, compiled by these guys. Happy holidays for those who care.

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