Monday, November 11, 2013

Aki Bamboo Leaves

This one's for those who never thought in Shakuhachi music as avant. Unlike Michihiro Sato, though, Sabu Orimo never had -- as far as I know -- a NY buddy to arrange him gigs and all-star collabs. His recordings are more like intense meditation sessions in a dark room, along with the occasional fits of demonic expurgation (you'll know it).

pw: spooked

ps. I really wanted to post this but couldn't find it in my HDD, so I had to search all over the internets, hence the extended delay 
pps. diggin your posts, jefe!


  1. Mmh. Delightfully deep indeed! Nice to hear from you again mr. buruno. After burnetoutsavannah's thunderous return I had believed for an instant that you'd been relegated to a manchourian labour camp!

    1. life is mostly a manchourian labour camp, either for the opressor or opressed, my cnidarian friend. and I must say I'm not quite with the former, despite my Japanese heritage.
      glad to see ya here in the paddies again!