Sunday, August 4, 2013

Una palabra de cuatro letras

This one's a personal favourite, a perfect soundtrack for the earliest hours of the day. Even though the good-looking Eydie Gormé doesn't have any Spanish heritage -- Italian Jewish dad and Turkish mum --, she managed to record a top-notch bolero album, with an aid from the legendary Trio Los Panchos. A charming and pleasing album, romantic but not too corny -- very appropriate for making an impression on las chicas, of course.

pw: spooked


  1. Very nice. Can't help but noticing synchronicity doing it's work again: it seems you have posted this just six days before that sweet lady passed away on August 10th.

    1. oh man... this saddened me quite a bit. at least I've done my part to keep her memory alive. thanks for the tip