Friday, May 24, 2013

yes i am a long way from home.

another post in my what the fuck were the british smoking series...

this show i believe was on for only one season. i have only been able to watch it on youtube, but it is a super diy lo-fi about a bearded hippie who looks scary as fuck making his hands into shapes of animals. it's pretty inventive, as they make the animals with little paper heads. the album stands alone as a very lovely oddity with folky songs regarding the different characters, but it makes so much more sense when you watch it. check it out for a nice afternoon listen that will assuredly put a smile on yr face.


  1. I remember watching the Finger bobs as a child even then it was weird by the way keep missing you elsewhere I stumbled across this site, you probably already know it but just in case

  2. i love that blog. i have been there a number of times actually. thanks for the suggestion amigo! i'm sure you'll see me around...