Monday, April 29, 2013

history of my heart.

if you haven't copped this cat's new album, then yr life is sorely incomplete amigos.

ps does anyone have suggestions on converting cassettes into mp3s? are there any tape converters that y'all suggest? or is it some arcane method? i recently bought ciani's velocity of love & seven waves on cassette, & i would like to reup those files in gorgeous 320 for y'all, because really truly the sound is so vastly different. i also have more amazing gamelan cassettes & thai crooners & mariachi burners & some other aces hidden up my sleeve that i would like to convert. hit me up!


  1. amigo, i feel like youre posting this sahelshit solely for me how i get off on this. thanks and please do call soon, i have some new leads concerning recordings. :)

  2. i will definitely be giving you a call friend. i also have some more mali blues to throw up here. & i too have some promising leads on some thai gamelan tapes that are begging to be reissued.

  3. yeah, take an old amplifier and a few cables. an amplifier that has two entries and outlets, that is 2 lines-in and lines-out. tape1 and tape2 , or video and tape or use the cd line for lin-in. take the line-out of the other to the pc and record the wav on the pc with a cable that is tulips on end and mini-stereo-jack on the other. should be able to do so. and record with the recording volume very very klow for a start, don't want you to blow up the audio-card.
    lots of delight