Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i don't need any more rules that keep me tied up.

i heard this for the first time in fall of 1994. a friend's older sister was a "punk" & played this along with a few other classics. at that time i was listening to a lot of nirvana & PiL, but black flag just struck me as this completely alien thing. & it was amazing to me that these guys were making this not too far from me. i knew right then & there that everything else paled in comparison & that punk was really invented in southern california in the late seventies. i always skipped ahead to the dez cadena tracks, but wished they had the raw lo-fi quality of the keith morris ones. anyway, enough rambling. put this on & smash a cop in the fucking face with a brick.


  1. so, what's up spook? we havn't heard from you in a while! here's a couple links I found that might "cheer" you up:

  2. thanks a ton for the links, super psyched to check them out. you'll prolly see me around friend.