Thursday, October 18, 2012


"The previously unreleased spooked-out psychedelic-jazz score to 70s Czech's 'other' favourite teenage witch flick." 'Saxana - The Girl On A Broomstick' is another Finders Keepers truffle hunted from the archives of the studio that brought you 'Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders', one of the most celebrated reissues in their immense catalogue. It includes the entire studio sessions (plus psychedelic effects) written by Angelo Michajlov and performed by the Karel Vlach Orchestra, 27 tracks in total including truly hefty sleevenotes from Andy Votel (we could barely pull them out of the jewel case, they're that weighty!). The film itself is a staple of the early '70s Czech new wave of fantasy films, which the Communist run state was considered a world leader in at the time, and whose popularity spread through Germany, Spain, Greece and Sweden thanks to the Czech film industry's renowned reputation. Angelo Michajlov had previously scored three films for children's movie director Josef Pinkava before 'Saxana', honing the charming style of wacky noises and catchy theme tunes on this disc, and working with Karel Vlach's Orchestra to create the big band theme tune anthem which would still be sung 40 years later, besides a dazzling range of cues and genuinely spooky incidentals, including one remarkable Sitar nugget. Angelo would later go on to work as a successful pop composer for various Eastern European labels such as Amiga in East Germany and Melodiya in Russia where he produced hgely profitable albums for Ukrainian actress and singer Sopha Rotaru. This album is a treasure trove of samples for the discerning beat breaker and a must for anyone who fell under the spell of 'Valerie...'" - boomkat

just in time for the season. if anyone has a link to the movie, hook a brother up!

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