Sunday, December 27, 2015

walking in the shadows.

recorded in 1985 in holland, it was produced by fullman rubbing rosined fingers on 70 foot long strings creating a hauntingly beautiful drone. amazing, can not recommend this one enough.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

end of year & what not.

so i hate these fucking things, but i figured a whole buncha assholes are doing these as well, so yeah. all new, no reissues.

1. bill basinski ~ cascade
if you at all follow this blog or know me irl, then you'll know how big this fella looms in my life. hands down most listened to album this year.

2. panabrite ~ disintegrating landscape / norm chambers ~ cede
yeah, i know technically cheating, but this cat used to live in my house, so i'm allowed to be biased. i have seen dude probably twelve or thirteen times now over the last almost four years, & the progression has been astounding. i think cede might be my favorite thing he has done, but i jammed my panabrite tape a whole bunch this summer.

3. prurient ~ frozen niagara falls
i've been following him since 2001, & this is by far my favorite thing he has ever done. bummer that he's such a conceited dick.

4. tisdass ~ yamedan
uh if you haven't heard this go out & buy it now. if like me you had yr mind split open by bombino, then this is for you. hasn't left my deck since getting this.

5. cfcf ~ the colours of life
my other most listened to album this year. perfect smoking on yr porch while the sun is setting jams., hats off to this dude for making the most listenable imaginary windham hill cassette.

6. mt. eerie ~ sauna
phil elverum is one of my heroes, & has been for a long time. his songs fit the pnw perfectly... it all clicks once you start walking around cascadia. raged to this one real hard during the summer months.

7. knife pleats ~ hat. bark. beach.
another pnw alum that i have loved forever, rose melberg has the sweetest voice & the songs sound like prime era tiger trap. absolutely lovely.

8. qualchan ~ pools of light // pools of shadow
not to be that guy, but i spent the majority of the year making this tape, so yeah, imma throw this up here.

2k15 was a total shit year for music. couldn't think of any other new things that captivated me. hit me with yr list bruno!

~seymour glass

ps at the behest of my companheiro we will be getting sc back up to it's former glory in the new year. till then smoke weed & listen to thou. catch ya on the flip.